Spring Break 2020 vs. 2021


Mackenzie Miller

Spring break 2020 was a spring break that no one will forget for a very long time, for the Coronavirus and quarantine all began in March of 2020. We thought it was just 2 weeks off from school, but two weeks turned into a month, and a month turned into the rest of the school year. Luckily, this year by Spring Break we are starting to figure the whole Coronavirus out and how to take precautionary measures.

Spring Break 2020 brought us quarantine, toilet paper shortages, panic, and overall a shutdown of our everyday lives. We started to wear masks and social distance while we were out in public. It was a scary time and we were all very unfamiliar with such circumstances. No one knew what was going to happen next, but we did know we did not want to live like this for long. We all wanted to know what was to happen next during this extremely chaotic time in the world.

Spring Break 2021 brought about better times! Covid is still an issue of course, and it is still in the process of being dealt with. However, we have a better handle on it and we are all more accustomed to this way of living. We were able to enjoy our spring break and weren’t all too worried about not being able to return to school again. People were able to enjoy their vacations or staying home as I did. After our week of fun, we were all able to return to our lives instead of going into quarantine or doing online school once again.

The difference between these two spring breaks is phenomenal, and we should all be extremely grateful to have had a better spring break this year. I hope everyone enjoyed their last break of the school year. Next up are the STAAR tests, so be prepared! Hopefully, we are able to return back to normal completely with time as we are still adjusting to what has happened in the past year.