Holocaust Remembrance Day


Lindsay O'Connor

The Holocaust was a time of suffering and sorrow for all. The effects rippling across the whole earth. Whether you’re a Jew who survived the Holocaust in Europe or an American who persevered through wartime, the Holocaust made a mark on all our lives. That’s why it’s important to remember the holocaust on Thursday, April 8 of this year for it is Holocaust Remembrance Day.

This day was assigned for Holocaust Remembrance because it was the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. This uprising was when the inhabitants of the ghetto rebelled against the Nazi’s plan to deport them to death camps. The rebellion lasted for about a month until the Germans eventually captured, killed, and deported many of the Jews living in the Ghetto. The rebellion
showed the bravery of the Jews who revolted against the power of the Nazis. no matter the risks, to fight for their freedom.

On this day we must remember the suffering of all the Jews who were captured by the Nazis. In remembering the event we honor the victims of the Holocaust. Remember the families, and friends that mourned for them when they were taken. Remember the people who stood up for what was right by hiding Jews in their homes or fighting in the war to stop the Nazis, and much more. We can only hope to one day be as brave and valiant as them.

The Holocaust is an event that most everyone knows about because no one can forget it. However, we must remember, so that history will not repeat itself. This way we can learn to always do what is right, and be valiant in our beliefs of humanity. We must teach our children of the tragic event, so they can also learn how cruel humankind can be and how our choices most definitely do affect others around us. We must learn from the Holocaust.