Mask or No Mask


Lizeth Porras Huerta

Since the Corona Virus outbreak started, masks have become a big thing around the world. Masks became required in stores and restaurants up until Governor Abbott lifted the mask mandate and opened Texas up. The mask was lifted officially on March 10th. While many people were excited about finally getting rid of the mask, some others are still afraid of catching Covid-19.

Some stores and restaurants are still requiring their customers to wear masks. However, many people choose not to wear the mask even when requested, since isn’t required to wear a mask. The good thing is you can still be able to wear a mask in the stores and restaurants if you want. In Texas, some schools have decided to shut down and use remote learning for the safety of their students. Other schools have chosen to let the students decide to either go to school or take online classes.

Many students have different opinions about masks. Lala Roberston stated, “I don’t wear the mask, because I really don’t have to wear one.” She wasn’t afraid of catching anything because of the Covid-19 vaccine. However, Jytzelle Gonzalez said, “I still wear the mask sometimes to keep myself healthy.” She further explained, “Even though they got rid of the mask mandate and came out with a vaccine I’m still a little worried about getting sick.” Another point of view shared by Tavi Marroquin was “I wear it when I have to, but if I don’t have to,  then I won’t.” As you can tell the opinions on campus vary greatly.

The mask policy may have changed for the district, but the virus is still out there. The most important thing to remember is to stay safe and do what is right for everyone around you.