The Power of Reading

Jazzmin Sauceda

I know that many students around me don’t really read because, to them,  it’s boring and they’d rather watch a movie or a show instead. I can totally agree with watching movies, but our minds have so much creativity and can create these amazing scenes in our heads. I know it sounds a bit crazy but it’s true. With my experience of reading, I’ve created many things in my head. Such as
characters having conversations, fighting scenes, and a character’s emotions being portrayed in my own mind. It’s amazing what reading can do to us, it’s almost like you’re creating a dream in your own head. The possibilities that reading gives us are amazing
and worth experiencing.

You may even get attached to characters just like in movies or shows when you read. Books make you feel emotions by what is happening to characters, which is crazy because you’re just reading a book. However, a book can make you cry, laugh, or get angry. The best part about reading is that you get benefits from it.

What are the benefits of reading? I use reading as a way to relieve stress and go to another world. It’s a great way to pass your time and it helps by letting you escape to other worlds. Reading helps you relax and it’s a great break from reality. Furthermore, reading can improve your memory, gaining knowledge, improve your focusing skills, and writing skills.

So many things can be gained from reading and it’s a very simple and entertaining thing to do. So everyone should try to at least read a book. You don’t know how much you might gain from it!