Is Climate Change Real?


Litzy Alavez Sosa, Journalist

“Humanity faces many threats, but none is greater than climate change. In damaging our climate, we are becoming the architects of our own destruction. We have the knowledge, the tools, and the money to solve the crisis.”-Prince Charles, U.K.

                  Climate change is more important than people think. It causes a lot of damage, and not many people are aware of it. The planet’s average surface temperature has risen by two degrees Fahrenheit since the 1900s. This rise in temperature is unrivaled by any others in recorded or estimated–history.
You may be wondering what is climate change? Climate change is a variation in the usual weather found in a place. This could be a difference in how much rain a place usually gets in a year, or it could be a change in a place’s usual temperature. Climate change also refers to how the Earth’s climate patterns are shifting. This could be a change in Earth’s usual temperature or where rain and snow usually falls. Weather can change in just a few hours. Whereas, Climate takes hundreds or even millions of years to change.
Some believe climate change is distressing because it raises the overall temperature. People can expect to see more heatwaves and more intense weather. Extreme heat can overpower the human body. This can cause dehydration, heatstroke, major organ damage. Certain populations are at risk from the impact, including the elders, children, and the poor. Climate change also contributes to air pollution.  For example, climate change has been linked to increasing wildfires. Wildfire smoke carries particles that can penetrate deep into your lungs. This exposure has been linked to burning eyes, heart and lung diseases, and even death. Furthermore, climate change has also been linked to extreme weather, including hurricanes and floods.
In conclusion, some believe we need to take part. Try to stop global warming and other effects on climate
change. If the earth’s temperatures continue to rise in the future, living things on earth would become extinct due to the high temperatures. Climate change has contributed to increasing patterns of extreme weather across the globe. For example, longer and hotter heat waves and heavier rains. Extreme weather is on the rise and the indications are that it will continue to increase. The changes will happen in both predictable and unpredictable ways.