Know Thy Self

Know Thy Self

Athali Emiliano

In middle school, you might worry about what other people think, so this raises the question. What do they think of me? Almost everything from the way you walk to what you wear can affect the way others perceive you. This is why research has been conducted on this very topic.

Let’s start with the factor that most people pay attention to clothes. The color of your clothes can greatly affect what other people view of you. Let’s see what the color of your clothes is telling other people. According to, blue can make you look calm and relaxed. On the other hand, red can make you look powerful and attractive. Black is one of my go-to colors for an outfit it gives an elegant, formal, and aggressive feel. If you like to wear green people see you as very trustworthy and creative. Orange can show people that you are energetic, but it could also get you noticed easily. Purple is a statement color, so it’s great if you want to seem bold. If you’re a person that likes to wear pink you are perceived as happy and confident. What you wear is not the only thing that affects the way people think about you. How you hold yourself makes an impact on you’re regarded by others.

The way someone stands or walks plays a big part in how people see that person. Someone who walks slouching over or with poor posture is less likely to be approached by potential friends. Someone might perceive the person as shy, timid, or not wanting to be noticed. It can be intimidating to approach someone who holds themself this way. However, if you were more energetic then people would perceive you as a friendly person. People who are upbeat and full of life come across to others as outgoing and friendly. So how you hold yourself is important just like how you speak.

How you talk also has something to do with the way people see you. During a conversation with someone, you wouldn’t what to seem distracted because they would think you are uninterested and would want to end the conversation. The best way to avoid this is by not looking around and focusing on the person speaking. Your tone of voice can tell a person negative and positive things about you. If you sounded annoyed or bored the person could see this as a negative trait and not talk to you. The opposite goes for when you are energetic and are into the conversation people would want to talk to you more. Just remember to not interrupt and to listen to others as well.

There are many factors that affect the ways you could be perceived and seen. People could make a judgment with the slightest look at you. So when you get ready for school think about how you feel and what you want other people to see. Show people the real you.