Making the Team


Tatum Holley

The week of August 14 through 20 was the AMS 7th Grade Volleyball tryouts! Fifty-eight girls tried out for the team, but only 24 made the Mustangs A and B team. The competition was fierce and coaches were looking for key traits.

“We wanted girls that would hustle. We needed them to actually move to the ball, pass to their targets, and serve overhand as well,” says Coach Lopez. Tryouts were intense, several girls got hit in the head by the volleyball, and some even fell down! The players were practicing a lot to meet the coaches’ expectations, and all their preparation and skills would decide whether or not they made the team.

Arrie Britten exclaimed, “I felt really excited when I made the team because I love playing Volleyball. I practiced basically every day through the summer and I know our team will get better as the season goes on.” Zaida Recio, who did not make the team this year said, “When I found out I didn’t make the team I was sad, but I knew I would be able to try new things. This summer I practiced about twice a week, and I am definitely going to try again next year.” Kaylee Brus went to the open gym: skills practices over the summer which helped her tremendously with making the team. Emily O’Neal says, “I know we have already improved since the season started. We sadly lost our first game, but won our second.” Many girls who made the team were awesome servers, and some of those serves even saved them from losing.

Whether or not someone made the team this year the experience was life-changing. Some girls made the team and will have to work hard to continue to stay on the team. Others are going to hit the gym to improve their skills so they are better prepared for the next tryout and season. The important thing to remember is to never give up or settle because no one is guaranteed a spot on the team. Only the ones who work hard and develop their skills. So fight for your spot. See you next season at 8th-grade tryouts.