What Happened to Field Trips???


Makensie Powers

Why don’t we go on more field trips in middle school? Maybe it’s because parents don’t want their kids going on field trips due to Covid. Parents might be afraid of something bad happening to students. Possibly, it’s because there is not enough supervision to keep all of the students safe. We can wonder all we want about why we don’t have more field trips or we can actually ask Mr. Lowder. So, everyone can know for sure instead of just wondering.

Most students loved the field trips in elementary, but you learn very quickly that at Andrews Middle School we don’t go on many field trips. “ The reason we don’t go on more field trips is because of money, and there’s no place to go that you haven’t already been in elementary. It also has to have an educational purpose. It’s hard to afford the whole thing with meals and ticket or fees.” according to Mr. Lowder. Finance has a big impact on whether or not a field trip can take place.  “We don’t have the ability to raise money or set up fundraisers.  Which means we have to plan any field trips around the yearly budget.” Finance does play a big role in why we can’t do more field trips but also it has to be educational.

Field trips should serve an educational purpose. Teachers have not proposed any ideas for field trips and where to go in quite some time.”  Teachers struggle to find places to go that connect to what students are learning in the classroom and places students have not been before during students’ elementary years. “I think some field trips can be educational. When 8th graders went to Texas Tech, it showed the students what to see in college and what to
expect. Some students also got to go to the science spectrum students were able to connect science to real life and future professions.” One more challenge in Middle School is there are 8 classes to adjust around instead of just 4. Athletics, band, choir, and UIL can make it even more complicated when trying to schedule events.

Schools don’t always have to be the ones taking students on field trips. Parents can take their kids to historical landmarks or to a museum. Many think schools should be teaching students about everything and anything dealing with education. However, parents are students’ best resource. Parents could take their children to the local museum to learn about the creation of their town and more localized traditions.  Parents could also share their passions with their kids whether is art, music, history, or science. Students benefit from seeing the importance of education illustrated by their parents. Parents set the tone for their kids.  Almost any family trip can have golden moments of educational impact. Parents just need to look for these important opportunities.

Now not all field trips have to be educational, as most of you know at the middle school, we have incentives for the kids who aren’t failing any classes, no more than 3 tardies, no referrals, and no missing assessments. Some kids find it hard to engage in the activities and dream of an exceptional reward for their hard work, especially for students who make every incentive day.  Mr. Lowder welcomed the idea, stating, “We could look into this idea, we would have to have different locations at every grade level. We started incentive days to celebrate the students that did everything right and what we asked. We have nowhere to go so we would have to have more ideas brought to us.”

The most important thing to remember is field trips have to be planned in advance so that they can get finance, meals, and teachers that can stay. Even though we all miss field trips, you have to take into consideration school procedures and policies. Most people do not understand what it takes to arrange and organize field trips. This is why field trips are hard to plan on a middle school campus.