Custodian Appreciation


Makensie Powers and Sabrina Grady

The custodians work so hard to make our school look nice. People often overlook their contributions to the campus and hardly ever thank them for anything. Yet, if our custodians missed even one day their impact on the school would be undeniably noticeable. Many people don’t even realize it takes a night and day crew to keep the AMS campus looking great.

There are two sets of custodians; daytime and nighttime. The custodians who work in the evening are up here for longer than you would expect since the daytime janitors work continually cleaning up after students on campus all day long. However, these custodians work hard to make sure the school is completely ready for the students’ arrival the next school day. According to Ms. Martha, “There is more to do after school when the students are gone. We have to clean the restrooms, the desks, vacuum, and mop. Make sure everything is closed, locked, and the lights are off.” Ms. Martha is the supervisor for the nighttime crew.

Ms. Martha shared that she enjoys working at night because there is less interruption for her and the students when no one is on campus. “The machines can’t be used while students are here since they are learning and the noise would interrupt their learning.” Ms. Martha further explained, “The work is easy but we have to have everything done with our night crew in 8 hours since the kids come back the next day.” Which in contrast, the day shift has its own set of challenges.

The supervisor for the daytime is Mr. Floyd. He shared how the job has changed and the unique obstacles the day crew faces. For example, Covid has affected many jobs around the world because it can easily spread. “We just have to start spraying the rooms who have had covid exposure or any sickness to guarantee the safety of our students and staff.  This means we have to get all the kids out of the room before spraying it. Sometimes the custodians have to go all over campus to spray several rooms depending on where all a sick person has been that day.” This is just one of the unexpected jobs the custodians take care of. The day crew also has the responsibility of cleaning up after sick kids, spills, and vandalism. The day crew gets the most surprises and unexpected tasks out of the two shifts.

Custodians work so hard, not to mention, they have to do everything on the inside and everything on the outside. “The inside building is harder because we have to clean every room.

The outside shift has to clean up trash and turn on sprinklers. During the summer they  have to mow as well.” Some students don’t realize the work doesn’t stop at the end of the school year.

During the summer, all carpets are shampooed, floors are stripped of wax,  and rewaxed. All of this has to be completed within two months. Furthermore, the custodians have to move all of the furniture to complete these jobs. It is safe to say there is always something to be done.

Both of the supervisors wished for the same thing from the campus.  “Clean up a little bit after yourself, it will help more than you realize. Throwing away your trash would make everything a little easier. Also, take care of the bathrooms.” Most students understand what the custodians are referring to. Often trash, papers, and bottles are lining the classroom and hall floors. Not to mention how people shove trash in the bushes outside. Taking pride in the AMS Campus and keeping it clean should make everyone feel better about this school.

Both supervisors also have said they enjoy their jobs. They enjoy their jobs because they enjoy cleaning and working with students. Maybe it is time to start showing our custodians that we are grateful for all they do and appreciate how they take care of us. Next time you see the janitors tell them thank you for everything they do for our school.