All Region MS Band 2021

All Region MS Band 2021

Litzy Alavez Sosa

Have you ever dreamed about playing an instrument? Here at Andrews Middle School and Andrews High School, you have the opportunity to play a variety of different instruments. Band is an elective that takes tons of practice and true dedication.  Not many students and parents realize that being in a band offers numerous opportunities. Band can open doors to higher education, chances to travel and compete, and the possibility to make lifelong memories and friends.

For example, learning to play an instrument can benefit you in the future. Many colleges and universities offer scholarships to students to play in their band. Playing in the band also makes students more competitive on college applications. Possible scholarships aren’t the only benefits of participating in band.

Students also have the opportunity to compete in several important competitions. Students get to travel to other schools in different cities and compete against other musicians in our area. Students get to meet different people from all over the area and state. These memories and experiences stay with these students for years to come. Truly band has its own little subculture.

The Andrews middle school band directors are Mr. Winner, Miss. Hair, and Mr. Firenza. They worked really hard to prepare these kids for this year’s spring competition. The students practiced for approximately 2 months. On December 7th, 2021, The Andrews Middle School Band competed in McCamey, Texas against
other schools from all around west Texas. The students in the band worked so hard for this competition, and their hard work paid off. Students with superb skills had the opportunity to play in a  concert on January 21, 2022.
Honor Band:
Jazmine Zamora
Shelby Westerman
Whitnee Seals
Evalynn Lujan
Aleigha O’Brien
Evan Tompkins
Cesar Martinez
Sabrina Grady
Mya Hernandez
Bass Clarinets:
Karter Long (2nd chair)
Ashton Cook
Bari Saxophone:
Draeton Contreras (1st chair)
Ariana Rosales (1st chair)
Adam Mora
Rebecca Jays
Kolby Wiley
Joe Barnes
Benjamin Kitchens
Percussion:                                                                                                                                                            Sebastian Ortiz (2nd chair)                                                                                                                                         Baylee Rejeck                                                                                                                                                                        Jp Espinosa                                                                                                                                                                  Mikylee Morrison
Alto Saxophone:
Naomi Murillo (1nd chair)
Josiah Gallegos (2nd chair)
Tenor Saxophone:
Diego Quiroz (1st chair)
Samuel Leos (2nd chair)
Valeria Flores
Alberto Grajiola
Kethan Hernandez
Jayden Davis (1st chair)
Lianne Galindo
James McGeary

Symphonic Band:

Sebastian Herrera
Sofia Tovar
Hannah Montoya
Alto Saxophone:
Eva Flores
Rogan Rodriguez
John Gonzales
Manuel Herrera
Brooklyn Lakenburg
Mattie Locklar
Zamia Gomez


Bass Clarinets:
Lilly Watson
Julian Luna
Alto Saxophone:
Lilly Bell
Athali Emiliano
Tenor Saxophone
Gilberto Salazar
Angelei Leos
Ezekiel Gamba
Socorro Carillo