Running for Gold


Danlee Fisher and Jaeci Gryder

Track season has been a blast. From working hard every day and to the meets that we win; track has started off strong. Andrews 7th girls are at their 4th meet this season, and our team has progressed so much.
We would love to introduce our 7th grade Lady Mustangs:
Field Events
Long Jump: Brennan Hall, Arrie Britten, Charli Salgado
High Jump: Lauren Cordova, Jaeci Gryder, Anah Bueno
Triple Jump: Brennan Hall, Anah Bueno, Hailey Acton
Shot Put: Noemi Ortiz, Carly Tapia, Brylee Williams
Discus: Noemi Ortiz, Malenyni Montoya, Carly Tapia
Pole Vault: Leah Mancellias, Destiny Reyes, Miley Garcia
Running Events
2400m Run: Kaylee Armedarz, Leah Mancillas, Zandalea Garcia
400m Relay: Lauren Cordova, Rendie Dansby, Anah Bueno, Arrie Britten
1800m Run: Kaylee Armendariz, Destiny Reyes
100m Hurdles: Jaeci Gryder, Emilie Fulford
100m Dash: Brennan Hall, Aaliyah Hernandez, Carly Tapia
800m Relay: Anah Bueno, Rendie Dansby, Arrie Britten, Lauren Cordova
400m Dash: Hailey Acton, Charlie Salgado, Brennan Hall
300m Hurdles: Jaeci Gryder, Emilie Fulford
200m Dash: Brennan Hall, Aaliyah Hernandez, Charli Salgado
1600m Run: Leah Mancillas, Zandalea Garcia
1600m Relay: Anah Bueno, Rendie Dansby, Lauren Cordova, Arrie Britten
Again, our girls have done so well this season. 7th Grade Lady Mustangs have been extremely competitive at every meet, and they are ready for district. The district meet will be in Greenwood on April 8. Make sure to come out and support the runners if you can! Keep up the good work ladies!