Veteran’s Day Assembly


Mireyah McGrough

On Friday, November 9th, Andrews High School held the 100th annual Veteran’s Day Assembly. Andrews Middle School’s Student Council and National Junior Honor Society officers attended the event to represent our campus.

During the assembly, StuCo and NJHS officers passed out goody bags and letters, written by fellow students, to the attending veterans. The AHS band performed The Star Spangled Banner. Mr. Clark, the high school’s principal, started the assembly with a speech made to honor and recognize our veterans for their effort in keeping not only our town- but our nation- safe.

After Mr. Clark’s speech, the band began to play their instruments as a high school student called out certain branches of our military; the veterans that served in that part of the military stood up and were recognized. A letter that was written by Texas Senate member, John Cornyn, was read aloud. Veterans’ names were called, and they proudly stood for an applause. Shortly thereafter, another speech was made, and then the AHS Choir sang  God Bless America with their director, Mr. Matlock.

In closing, various songs were sung and played to represent our gratefulness for our local veterans. Bringing the assembly to an end, thanks and gratitude were shed over the veterans that have and continue to protect our generation.