My, How Times Have Changed


Piper Pack, Zoe Morgan, Katie Covington, Bella Olivarez

Chances are that you have walked right past an interesting work of art on the middle school campus and haven’t even stopped to take it all in. Located above the lost and found area, a long horizontal painting hangs near the tall ceilings. Painted in 1976 by Mr. Billy Levwitch, this mural tells a story, showing Indians and cowboys from the early ages of Texas on horseback.  As your eyes follow the mural from left to right, it reveals how much Texas has evolved since its earliest forms. This work of art looks to be telling a story about the process of change, from the open-range land to the present-day landscape filled with oil wells. Next time that you are passing by: stop, look up, and take a stroll back in time, remembering the early days of West Texas and realizing how much times have changed.