Future School Bell Schedule Proposal

Future School Bell Schedule Proposal

Jocelyn Lujan

There are many pros and cons of having all grade levels in middle school together during passing periods. AMS is possibly considering creating a separate bell schedule for each grade level so that the grade levels do not inter-mix. Here are some pros and cons of having a new procedure.

The negative aspects about having different passing periods is that none of the grades can interact all at once. Some may say that no communication with other grades is a great idea, but imagine siblings in different grade levels on one campus; they wouldn’t be able to talk to one another to see how they’re doing. Students should be able to get a break to talk to other people in other grade levels. With a different bell for each grade, it would make it harder for educators. Those who teach all three grade levels in one class, such as electives, may be distracted when different groups come in to class at various times. In addition, hearing different bells through out the day could be distracting to students that are in class.

 Even though there are cons to different passing periods, there are some good points. With only one grade in the hallways, it  prevents dangerous horseplay and crowding of hallways. Students would most likely get to class faster because there wouldn’t be a lot of talking with the other grade levels. Also, new students, like sixth graders, wouldn’t have to worry about being trampled by the bigger students. As a result, it allows students to make better choices without the influence of other grades.

  There are definitely some pros and cons concerning different passing periods, but all students should be able to branch out of their grade and talk to other peers during passing periods because we shouldn’t be limited to talk to just one grade. With the advantage of that, we also don’t have to listen to different bells all day. The current bell schedule is perfectly fine, and I would like for it to be kept that way, but let’s see what AMS has in store for us in the future!