Will Social Media Help or Hurt Your Future?

Xandria Fernandez

Social media can affect your life choices in many ways. When you’re young, you do not think about the consequences or how they can impact your life.

When you are on social media, do you think about what you are posting? For example, let’s say when you were a teenager, you didn’t care for a girl that you went to school with. You posted mean photos and comments about her for everyone to see. Fast forward to a job interview for a dream job that you have been wanting to land. Your potential boss tells you that he is going to check on some other information and get back to you. Little do you know, he is looking up your old posts and realizes that you were once a very cruel person. This says a lot about your character, so he denies you the job, and tells you that your life choices have consequences. One post on social media can impact your future.

Technology can hurt your future if you do not use it correctly. There are various social media apps, but they were created to bring enjoyment to others-not to tear each other down. The next time you think about posting something online, think twice about your future.