Christmas Traditions


Aubrey Cummings

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It brings bundles of joy to most families all around the world. It’s the holiday of happiness and joy, the time where you find families the jolliest and most joyful. Every family has a different Christmas tradition just like every other holiday. This Christmas, there are some students at AMS that would love to share their Christmas traditions.

 7th grader, Clara Reyes, loves spending time with her friends and family. She always watches her favorite Christmas movies and plays Christmas music while playing board games with her friends. She also eats a bunch of food and sweets before she opens her presents at twelve o’clock midnight while in her pajamas and blanket drinking hot coco.

 8th grader, Jaqueline Quintanilla, enjoys watching movies and playing board games while spending time with her family and friends. She loves going to her family members’ houses so that she can hang out with them and see all of their beautiful Christmas decorations. She also loves to relax on her bed and watch her favorite Christmas movies while eating a lot of food.

 8th grader, Noah Aranda, always has a big dinner with his family and watches a lot of Christmas movies that he and his family love. On Christmas Eve, Noah sets a fire in the fireplace with his family while his mom bakes cookies in the oven. He also gets to open one present until Christmas morning when he opens the rest of his presents with his siblings, and the rest of his family at his grandparent’s house. Then when everybody is together, they all eat a Christmas lunch filled with amazing food.

 8th grader, Aubrey Cummings, loves to relax on her couch while sitting next to the beautifully decorated Christmas tree watching her favorite Christmas movies on Christmas Eve. She also opens one present before going to bed and opens the rest in the morning. After she opens up the rest of the presents she visits her grandma and orders pizza.