A Weekend of a West Texas Middle-Schooler


What does a typical weekend look like to you? For some, it might be hanging out with friends or family, spending money at the mall in Odessa or Midland, or going to church on Sundays. But for a West Texas teenager, such as myself, your two days off of school might include exploration and observation of the nature and history of West Texas itself. On every other weekend, my grandfather and I drive out to the beautiful mountains of Fort Davis, Tx, to look at the stars through the McDonald’s Observatory telescopes, but when I’m not in this calm, little tourist town, I usually spend my free time with my friends or siblings in Andrews. On Sundays, that’s when my family spends the most time together; we wake up early to go to church to praise and learn God’s word. To sum it up, this is what a typical West Texas teenager might do on the weekends.