Breaking Out of the Ordinary Lesson


Charlize Galvan, Destinee Solis, Arlette Marquez, Samara Esparza, Greg Gomez

During the week of November 7-9, Andrews Middle School 7th graders participated in a carnival-themed lockbox activity in Mrs.Marquez, Ms. Ruiz,  and Mrs.Lara’s ELAR classrooms. The purpose of this activity was to enhance the students grammar and reading skills with an added twist. With the help of the curriculum technology coach, Paige Bowman, students were able to solve a series of problems to retrieve a code, which in turn would open up a lock on the main black box. The goal was to get all of the six locks open so that the students could save the carnival. Once the black box was open, the students received papers stating that they had saved the carnival. The curriculum and technology coaches are in charge of the lockbox activities, and they have shared this activity with teachers across the school district. Keep an eye out…you may be participating in one before you know it!