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Tennis Team Victorious Against Seminole

Samantha Cumbie, Writer

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The 7th and 8th grade Andrews Middle School tennis team had many successful matches against Seminole. The coaches, Coach Duzan and Coach Darland, were very excited about the first victory of the season.The matches were held in Andrews at the tennis courts on Thursday, January 31.



Boys Singles

Mason Moore VS. Rager Scott(6-2)

Ty Gore VS. Ean Hewitt(6-0)

Dilan Gutierrez VS. Hector Acosta(6-0)

Carlos Porras VS. Austin Lacey(6-0)

Christopher Martinez VS. Ruger Scott(6-3)

Matthew Aceves VS. Austin Lacey(6-1)


Girls Singles

Jenyfer Argumedo VS. Kaegan Lovelady(6-1)

Arlette Marquez VS. Olivia Mueller(6-1)

Abigail Florez VS. Amanda Boshman(6-3)

Perla Gutierrez VS. Alejandra Gonzales(6-3)

Samantha Cumbie VS. Jazmyn Sharko(6-1)

Kiley Bedell VS. Olivia Mueller(6-3)

Zemira Recio VS. Angie Klassen(0-6)


Boys Doubles

Mason-Ty VS. Hewitt-Scott(6-1)

Dilan-Carlos VS. Acosta-Lacey(6-0)

Christopher-Matthew VS. Acosta-Lacey(7-5)


Girls Doubles

Jenyfer-Arlette VS. Lovelady-Gonzales(7-5)

Abigail-Perla VS. Boshman-Mueller(6-2)

Samantha-Kiley VS. Boshman-Sharko(6-0)  


Boys Singles

Maddux Foster vs Josh Lopez (6-0)

Zander Jeppesen vs Brayden Baumgartner (6-2)

Jace Jannamon vs Ravin Banman (6-0)

David Haygood vs Owen Carnes (6-1)

Corban Chisum vs ravin Banman (6-1)

Rodrigo Sotelo vs Owen Carnes (6-1)


Girls Singles

Aubren Jeppesen vs Angie Klassen (6-1)

Adiani Trevino vs Jessica Giesbrecht (4-6)

Abigail Mora vs Emily Giesbrecht (6-4)

Hailly May vs Lisa Hiebert (7-6) (4)

Karime Lozano vs Rachael Harms (6-2)

Graisyn Good vs Savanah Goertzen (6-0)


Boys Doubles

Zander Jeppesen and Jace Jannamon vs Josh Lopez and Brayden Baumgartner (6-2)

Maddux Foster and David Haygood vs Ravin Banman and Owen Carnes (6-0)

Corban Chisum and Rodrigo Sotelo vs Josh Lopez and Brayden Baumgartner (7-5)


Girls Doubles

Aubren Jeppesen and Hailly May vs Angie Klassen and Jessica Giesbrecht (6-3)

Adiani Trevino and Abigail Mora vs Emily Giesbrecht and Lisa Hiebert (6-7) (1)

Karime Lozano and Graisyn Good vs Rachael Harms and Savanah Goertzen (6-0)


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Samantha Cumbie, Writer

Samantha is an 8th grade student.

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Tennis Team Victorious Against Seminole