Science Spectrum Field Trip


Jenyfer Argumendo, Writer

AMS students, Madison Johnson, Aiden Dube, Angel Reyes, Austin Lavender, Cristian Soto, Aron Aubry, AJ Lujan, Cassandra Contreras, and their teachers, Amanda Valencia, Samantha Mitchell, and Tiffany Monteymayor, traveled to the Science Spectrum in Lubbock on the 20th of February; it is a field trip that all life skill campuses take yearly. While they were on the trip, they saw many exhibits about fish and bugs,  played fun memory games, saw dinosaurs made of metal, and every single one of them made a helium balloon. Students also learned about space, yellow tanks, sharks, fossils, cells, new animals, faster timing, electricity, rock climbing, and how light bulbs work.

Everyone had positive comments about this fun-filled adventure. “I learned that science can be fun but boring because we learned about cars and a lot of cool stuff,” said Madison. “Angel enjoyed lunch because he ate Takis,” mentioned Samantha Mitchell. The kids seemed to have fun, and they all said it was a fun field trip.