A Girl Called Opal


Shailee Sewell, Guest Writer

This December, 25 students from three different grades traveled to Seminole for an intense competition known as One Act Play. There are five crew members, fifteen cast members, and four alternates. They have 40 minutes to perform a play, and then they get judged and placed. Over the past two years, Andrews Middle School has placed 2nd, twice, with their plays The 39 Steps and Chemical Imbalance: A Jekyll and Hyde Story. This year they chose a play called  A Girl Called Opal  by Samuel French. It’s about a 7-year-old girl who is separated from her parents in a shipwreck. When she arrives on the shore of Oregon, she has a big imagination and stories to tell. This play definitely pulls at the heartstrings as it tells a story of love, loss, and imagination.

At the competition, they had many hiccups on the way. From costume malfunctions to lights not working, they somehow managed to get it all together and bring home a win. The play was pulled off flawlessly, and it was definitely breathtaking, thanks to the help of the amazing high schoolers who were always by their side. David Smart, Sarai Flores, Valerie Gonzales, Whitney Tooker, Reece Jones, and Madison Callaway helped turn them in the right direction, and of course, Mrs. Landry and Mrs. Smart, the brilliant minds behind it all.

Avery Fedele, Caleb Neufeld, and Piper Stephenson earned All-Star Cast, Sarah Shaffer got All-Star Crew, Bella Newbrough and Rebecca Johnson received honorable mention, and Audrey Daye pulled it all together with the Best Actress award. This was one of the best years of Middle School One Act Play.

Avery Fedele, who plays Opal, the lead role,  was asked how her experience was working on the show. “It was super fun! It was a lot of hard work, and I had to learn some things I would never think I’d ever do before acting… Opal was such a great experience. Push theatre was really fun, David made it super exciting. There were some ups and downs to playing Opal though. I made some good friendships along the way.”

Tucker Walker, who worked the lights, was asked what challenged him the most this year. “Not having a light working that I really needed and trying to take a light down when my hands were full,” Tucker stated, adding on that he couldn’t get to one light until he took down the others or brought some up.

Rebecca Johnson, who played Gossip Sister #1, was asked what her favorite part about one act was this year. “Honestly, just being part of a group, and making new friends. Also, you already know, my costume!”

Caleb Neufeld, who played Andrew Givens/Neckties, was asked what was most difficult about One Act this year. He said yelling at Avery (Opal) was very difficult because they are close friends, and it’s hard to yell at your friend, even if it’s just acting.

Congratulations Andrews Middle School One Act Play 2019; we can’t wait to see what comes up in future years!