School Poetry


Swimming, by Ashtyn Lara

Many go to watch

Many go to simply compete

Some go there for morning workout

And that’s exactly what I do

Beautiful, vibrant blue water

Elegant glides of strokes

My heart is pounding

My legs are violently kicking

My arms are flinging through the air with every stroke

Coach Waldman dancing to music while chanting us on!

1-2-3 breathe, 1-2-3 breathe, 1-2-3 breathe

My eyes are locked on the end of the pool

Soon after my eyes are ruby red filled with chlorine

My hair looks like a rats nest!

But even though I look like a rag doll that’s been thrown around,

Swimming is what I live for!!


Newspaper, by Skyla Castillo

AMS Mustang Times

Who’s school got all the rhymes

Dedicated and strong

And sometimes long

And making even better climbs


Math, by Arlette Marquez

My favorite subject may not be the best 

But it’s necessary to pass the test

Take a lucky guess

To you it may be a stress

You may use it to see how long you can last underwater without drowning

But it has to do with counting

What is it?

The Answer: Math


Lights…Camera….Action…, by Zoe Morgan 

  theatre is easy for most people who take it.   

  because all you really have to do is fake it.

  but if the lights and the audience sting.

  center stage just may not be your thing.

  but it’s ok because we will find your place .

 maybe up in the sound booth there’s an empty space.

 it’s perfect for you it fits you like a shoe.

 don’t worry it will be great all you have to do is  just be you.


Journalism, by Clara Reyes

Out of every class I have,

My most favorite of them all

Would definitely be Journalism

The photography, the editing, the writing,

The activities, the new classmates, and

Most importantly, the creative side of

Each and everyone’s mind. From pictures

To pages from articles to fun assignments

And lastly, from classmates to their imagination.

With new ideas and opinions,

We could create the best yearbook that has ever been made!


A Poem to History, by Jenyfer Argumendo

Once the world was the way it is,

But then came many battles and hardships.

This is why we take so many quizzes

With many tips,

Like on the battle of Lexington and Concord,

Which are known as the shots heard around the world

The battle of Saratoga

Which was the turning point in the Revolutionary War.

It didn’t help that there was a WW11

In which we lost many lives than before

But the past is behind us

At least this is a society filled with trust?


Theater, by Bronwyn Saldana

Oh, theater. Oh, theater.

The class full of booming and crashing energy from the students and teachers alike.

Creating and performing worlds only those found in our dreams and fantasies

Critters and beings are given life from the actors.

Whilst the surroundings and story are formed from those behind the lights.

Sweat beads drip off of our bodies, warm blood paints the cold floor, and tears run down our cheeks, yet it’s all a sweet victory in the end.

Oh, theater. Oh, odd theater