8th Grade Science Trip


Shailee Sewell, Guest Writer

On the weekend of March 22nd, a group of 34 students embarked on a camping trip with Mr. Scott, Coach Warren, Mrs. Rollison, and their bus driver, Ms. Renie. They made their own meals and put up their own camp; then, they camped out for the weekend. Some activities that they enjoyed were playing games such as Infection Tag, Sardines, Hide & Seek, and card games, as well as swimming in the freezing cold waters of the nearby river, learning at the zoo and caverns, and exploring the wildlife around the campsite.

Upon arrival, they set up camp and made lunch. Then they left on the bus to the Living Desert Garden and Zoo where they met rattlesnakes, a painting bear, and many other native animals of the area. Most of the animals there were rescued from critical conditions and put into more of a reserve rather than a “zoo.” On the way out of the zoo, they discovered mountain laurel seeds, otherwise known as hot beans, that when rubbed against concrete, they would become very hot. The students played around with the hot beans and then got back on the bus to go back to camp. When they returned, Mr. Scott, Coach Warren, Mrs. Rollison, Ms. Renie, and several students got fast at work to make dinner, which was burgers. In the meantime, those who weren’t helping explored the area and came upon many discoveries. There was a gaga ball pit, volleyball court, creek, swinging chair, and many other fun activities to do to pass the time. When it became dark, they played Sardines and stargazed. Around 10:30, everyone went to sleep.

The next morning, everyone woke up on their own, made breakfast burritos, and left for Carlsbad Caverns. They learned loads of things, such as the first explorer’s adventure, and about the formation of the caverns/environment, all thanks to Ranger Mike, their tour guide. One of the most memorable moments of the entire trip was when he turned the lights off. You couldn’t see anything, even if you put your hand in front of your face. To leave the cavern area, all of the students exited out of the natural entrance, which was a 1.25-mile, 79-story steep upward hike. They had hot dogs for lunch outside of the caverns and then went back to the campsite. A few students decided to swim in the freezing waters of the Black River. Other students ran around and had fun and then all came back to the eating area to prepare supper, which was a foil dinner consisting of a burger patty, potatoes, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and carrots. They enjoyed smores, and also had peach and cherry cobbler in dutch ovens for dessert both nights.

On the final day, the group packed up camp, came home, and worked as a team to unload the trailer and bus. The students had a very memorable experience and even made many new friendships.