7th Grade B Team Volleyball Tournament


Jacee Johnson, Reporter

The 7th grade B team did amazing all day on Saturday the 29th. The girls had to be at the gym at 8:00am and didn’t get home until about 7:30 that night. They fought hard, had a great attitude, and cheered their teammates on all day. 

Coach Luna and Edwards were over the moon about their performance. The Lady Mustangs won the first game of the morning against Denver City defeating them 25-22, server of the match was Addison Smylie who served 5 straight points to win the first match. 

At 1:00pm the ladies mopped the floor with Seminole in a 25-20 game. Aubrey Ybarra was server of the match that grasped the lead with straight eight points.

They lost a heartbreaker to Greenwood 16-25 in the championship match, Ashlee Williams closed the gap and made it close one. 

All three games were hard fought and had all of the coaches on their toes the whole tournament. Even Coach Edwards was cheering chants such as “Time out, time in, time out, time in, lets win!!!!” Everyone can’t wait to see the Lady Mustangs play Greenwood again and take the win for their hard work and dedication.