Yellow For AMS


8th Grade Students at AMS

Ana Alvear, Reporter

On August 31 at 3:25 p.m. in Odessa, an adult white male started shooting at random citizens. He continued all the way to Cinergy, where he was cornered and began shooting at the police officers. After a few minutes, he was shot and killed by the police. He killed 7 people in total and injured 22. 

  There were several students and teachers from AMS who were caught by surprise by the unsuspected shooter. Luckily none were hurt. Kaylin Luttrull (7th grade) was in the Odessa Music City Mall when it all happened. She said, “I thought it would be a normal day and never thought that could happen here. When it all started, someone said over the speakers to go somewhere safe, and some of the employees started directing clients to the safest spot they could find, so we hid in one of the storage closets.” After that they told Luttrull and others that there was a shooter outside shooting innocent people. Then many police officers arrived. Shortly after, they did hear a few bullet shots but then it all went quiet. After it was all over, they were allowed to leave and went home in a hurry.

  Luttrull said, “It’s really sad  that all this keeps happening.” She said, “I don’t understand why people think it’s okay to do this and think it’s funny. It is not right and it needs to stop.”

  Valicia Vargas (6th & 7th grade teacher) was also at the Music City Mall getting a massage. She said, “Me and my husband were getting a massage when they said there was an active shooter outside and that we couldn’t leave.” She also said, “I was not scared because they locked all the doors and police officers were guarding the doors. We felt  safe.”

  After the police officers let them go, they saw many cop cars outside and especially outside of Cinergy.   Mrs. Vargas said, “It is sad that one person can shut down two cities, and because of one person’s bad day that they can ruin hundreds of peoples’ day. It is really sad how many tragedies there were.”

  Brayden Williams (7th grade) was also in Odessa when it all happened. “I was coming out of Academy, and me and my family were on our way to Walmart. As we were going out we saw many people with worried faces and a police officer with a bullet proof vest and a rifle. The officer told us to drive safely because there had been an active shooter.” Williams said, “I was shocked that it happened in Odessa.”

  Emiliano Abarca (7th grade) was at Walmart when it all happened. “They said over the speaker that the store was on lockdown, and a few people came into the store. A lady said that there was a shooter shooting at random people outside.” 

   Then about an hour later the Abarcas were told that it was all clear and they let them go home. “I started thinking why don’t the police act quicker and I want all this shooting business to be over because its very sad and disappointing that this keeps happening in America.” 

  As a sign of support by a post shared many times on Instagram and Snapchat which asked people to wear yellow in memory of all the victims of the Odessa shooting, many students at AMS wore yellow as a sign of support and love for our community.

    ~This article is in memory of all the victims from the shooting~