If you don’t know what tea is, it’s because you live under a rock. Tea is the best gossip shared between friends. You will often hear other people say “that’s the tea” or “what’s the tea, sis?”. Tea can be over pretty much anything. Like with something that happened that morning, yesterday, or even a week ago.

In other words, it’s like the “hidden truth” that everyone conforms. The term comes from the idea of getting together with friends to have tea with and telling them about what they heard. If you’re “spilling the tea” you’re telling them the truth. There two types of tea, one being the truth and the other being rumors that having been said. Gossip is basically spreading rumors that aren’t true. Gossip can also be involved with tea, but it is mostly the truth. Tea is true to the “T”.

In conclusion, you shouldn’t spill the tea to false rumors that might hurt someone. You should spill it to inform your friends about what’s going on.