The Evolution of Band


Izabella Crothers

The love of music calls the artist heart no matter the changes of the time. Band is a place where people learn about instruments, work as a team to grow together and create amazing melodies and harmonies on the instrument of their choice. 

There’s been a lot of changes throughout the years in the AMS band program. These changes include new band directors and also adding a new band group. There were originally three bands. Beginner band is for people who want to start learning about instruments. Concert band is for those who know their instrument, but still has much to learn. Then what used to be the highest-ranking band with the best and most trustworthy players was the Symphonic band, but due to the band’s growth, every class had to be packed in one room. We have two hundred and sixty-two people in band so it was necessary to add another band known as Wind Ensemble. Wind Ensemble is a lot like Symphonic band but there are very few people who make into this band.

Sebation Navarrete has been in band for three years and has seen the changes in band. He says, “These changes in the band are good because the band directors are taking more control, which is a good thing because about 75 percent of the band didn’t care about anything, and we’re such a big band we need to be separated into four bands. It also gives the people who want to learn about their instrument a chance to focus on the skills, and play some amazing music.”

Isaac Castro has been in the band for two years and still learning about his instrument. Castro stated, “These changes with the band are great because last year people have gotten into a bad habit of talking and being a distraction to others. The new band directors take that control and care a lot about our work.”