Lovely Library

Sadie Valenzula

At Andrews Middle School, the library can be a world of imagination and wonder. When you walk up those stairs, reality doesn’t really matter or exist anymore. From Fiction to Non-Fiction, once you pick up the ”right book,” you’re in your own world. While some people do not really care for reading, others can be quite a book-worm. 

What else can reading do for you? Reading is very beneficial. On the website scientists say that reading about 30 minutes a day or 2 hours a week can help increase your IQ, reduce stress, and helps you fall asleep. However, this type of reading does not include reading Social Media posts! 

It’s okay if you don’t like a certain book, book series, or book genre. There are more genres than you think. Some genres you can find at the library are Romance, Horror, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Historical Fiction, etc. 

       Izabella Crothers said, “I like to read, but I prefer audio-books since when I read by myself, I tend to fall asleep easily.” She also said, “My favorite books have to be Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and Percy Jackson. My favorite book genres are; Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance, and Historical Fiction.”

  Kyler Gibson said, “I don’t like going to the library because I really don’t have the time or patience for it. There is always something wrong with the teachers, or the books or just being quiet in general.”

What else can you really do in the library besides reading? The library has more to offer than you think. For example, the school library is a good place to do your homework if you don’t have internet at home. Students also study in the library or work on puzzles. The Andrews County Library has several clubs: the  Anime Club, Coloring, Game Night, or the Fortnite Club, which the boys are crazy about. 

 The library can be another world. Maybe next time you “encounter” the library, try reading a book; who knows, you might like it.