8th Grade B Volleyball Team Tournament

Jacee Johnson

The Lady Mustangs worked hard, hustled, and gave it their all at the Seminole Volleyball B Team tournament on September 28th. On and off the court, they worked together and grew as a team. 

The ladies’ first game took place at 10:00 am and was a huge success with the score being 25-4. Flor Chavez was the server of the match. 

The next game was close and had coaches and fans on their feet the whole game. However, Andrews fell short by 3 points against Seminole 12-15 in the third match. Server of the match was Amalie Madrilez. 

In the last game of the tournament, the Lady Mustangs took the win for Andrews against Greenwood 15-10. Leah Salinas grasped the win, which made her server of the match. 

Coach Janet Lopez said she was ecstatic over her ladies’ performance and hopes it continues for the rest of the season. Kason Crutcher stated, “We had lots of fun and gained experience thanks to Coach Lopeado.” 

Kaelyn Price also said, “The last game was tough but we fought through it.”

These ladies were a great representation of the Lady Mustang name and showed everyone their potential and determination.