Go Mustangs!

On October 17, the 7th grade A football team conquered Denver City. This was a very intense game. Leeroy Millan, #21, started off this game with a touchdown, leaving Denver City with nothing. Leeroy Millan stated, “I was excited and happy for the team.”

The Mustangs really upped their game in the second quarter. Denver City managed to score a single touchdown with a 2 point conversion, which gave them 8 points. However, the Mustangs did not let that stop them. Kade Adams, #18, scored a touchdown followed by two more scores by Owen Lagabed, #44, and Anthony Santibanez, #5. Adams stated, “I helped my team out and I was happy.”

At the end of the third quarter, the Mustangs were in the lead with 46 points. Santibanez scored another touchdown to widen the Mustangs lead. Denver City still only had 8 points. 

The Mustangs really gave it their all. In the fourth quarter Denver City ended the game with  14 points to the Mustangs 48 points. Good job, 7th grade A team!