A Day in The Life of Yearbook Class

Kyann Vargas

ARTICLE!!!! My article is due TODAY!!!!! I can’t do it, it’s IMPOSSIBLE!! Can we just take pictures instead? But, NOOOOO we have to write about IMPORTANT STUFF!! Why can’t we write about Video Games and TV?! That would make my life so much easier!!

Later that week….. PICTURES!!!! You expect me to take PICTURES, AND create a SLIDESHOW???? Why can’t we just look at pictures all day? We could learn some techniques and put that into our occasional pictures with our friend, and SELFIES.

The next day…… DISCUSS PICTURES!!! How am I supposed to discuss pictures!! It’s a PICTURE, what are we supposed to discuss!!! Oh, that picture looks PRETTY. They all do!!!Why can’t we just talk!!! 

The next week…. TALK!!! SIT DOWN AND TALK?!?!?!? We WANT to take PICTURES and WRITE!! We don’t want to sit down and talk. We want to go around and take pictures. Oh, and write amazing articles for the AMS website!!!! We can’t stay seated!!

Can’t we just do what we want to do in Yearbook?!?!? Oh, why can’t we DO stuff for other classes!?!? Well, as long as we are driving are teacher crazy… It’s a good day in AMS Journalism!!!