Sixth Grade Pre-Athletics

Teagan Fletcher

This year’s sixth graders have the opportunity to take Tennis as their P.E credit. Pre- Athletics is also now provided as an option for sixth graders. When volleyball season comes around, the sixth graders train for volleyball followed by basketball and so on and so forth with the other sports available for AMS athletes 

This was not allowed last year, but the coaches wanted to improve the middle school’s athletic team. Andrews High School is one of the biggest 4A schools in Texas. There is a strong possibility that Andrews will be bumped up to become one of the smallest 5A schools in Texas. With that in mind, the staff and coaches have decided to make their athletic program bigger. Pre-Athletics is a great opportunity for the students and the school to be prepared and have fun.  

Mr. David Lowder, principal of AMS, gave some insight into this decision. He said, “What motivated me the most was not just about the sport, but all students to be prepared for high school and the real  world of sports.” One advantage Mr. Lowder explained was that students would be able to gain more skills earlier if given the chance to do so. 

One disadvantage would be that the staff would have to stretch their schedules to fit in more people. Mr. Lowder talked to all the coaches, including Coach Mason, AHS Athletic Director, about making the new decision. All of the feedback Mr. Lowder has received from the coaches (Coach Tijerina, Coach Vasquez, Coach May, and many more) has been great! They all loved the new decision. Mr. Lowder and the rest of the coaches think that Pre-Athletics will benefit AMS a great amount. 

The program will be impactful for AMS students as well as the Andrews community by expanding the amount of students involved and giving them a better chance of success in sports. This is especially true for students who have never played travel ball or for the Andrews Recreation Center.