A Night to Remember for AMS Band

Izabella Crothers, Writer

October 22,  was the first ever AMS Game night for band. This was truly a night to remember and hopefully becomes a tradition. 

The game night started at 6 pm and lasted until 8 pm. This event was created by the band directors; Mr. Johns, Mrs. Hair, Mr. Winner, and Mr. Hernandez. These wonderful people created this amazing event to bring us all together so that we can all become a  family and have some fun in the process of getting to know each other.  

  Kianna Carabajal, an 8th Grade clarinet player from the AMS band, said ”The band night was quite exciting. Everyone was a bit shy for the first 20 minutes, but we soon got to know each other. That’s when the fun began. Then the music started playing, and kids started laughing and playing with Mr. Winner’s kids. This night was the best night I had ever had. The night gave me a chance to get to know my band family better and have a fun time doing it.”

Sydney Ray, an 8th grade clarinet player,  said “It was pretty fun stuff that happened that night.  I played Uno, Risk, and I also played with Mr. Winner’s kids. This night really made people like the new band directors more and get to know them.  This night was truly a night to remember.”

Mr. Hernadez said, “Game night was an awesome event, I loved it. Seeing all of the Andrews Middle School kids interacting with each other, regardless of grade, and just simply having fun was an awesome thing to see. It really proved that we, as the Andrews Middle School/Andrews ISD band program, are just one big happy family. Mr. Winner and I wanted to plan some fun events for our students, events that will show them that while we work hard to achieve our goals in band, we can also have a lot of fun as well. When we were brainstorming, I looked over at my Nintendo Switch and suggested a board game/video game night. Mr. Hernandez was super into it from the start, and it was super easy to plan. We were a little worried at first that some kids might get out of hand and bring some inappropriate games, but those worries were put to rest very quickly during our event.”

Overall, the students were thankful that the band directors took time out of their day to put this together. This showed how much they care about students. Not everyone attended the night, but the ones who did were truly impacted in a positive way. They now have a “Night to Remember” for the rest of their life.