Nursing Classes in High School


Emily Hammond

Andrews High School offers a program for students that are interested in pursuing a career in nursing. This program allows students to take nursing classes along with their high school core classes. Upon graduating from high school, students not only receive their high school diploma, but they also receive their LVN certification. 

Andrews High School partners with Odessa College (OC) for most of the dual credit and certification programs. Odessa College requires students to quit all extracurricular activities; including athletics. This is a big sacrifice and decision for students to make. 

Lilly Vargas stated “I would say that I liked Athletics and that I do miss competing to an extent. However, in my case, I did not believe that this was a realistic or ideal path for me to continue taking. Unless you are wishing to continue your athletic career in college or are depending on an athletic scholarship; sports have limited benefits for you in the long run. This is why I was not reluctant about dropping athletics altogether. Although I love competing it would have been silly of me to choose sports over a great opportunity. The nursing program was the correct choice for me. I am now ahead of the game and even if I do not choose to continue my education in this profession I will always have a great fall back.”

  Odessa College offers several options for students interested in nursing. Many students have different plans for their nursing career, yet there are a variety of pathways to reaching your career goal.  Ms. Vargas said “I personally want to continue my education past this program which will only help me get my LVN. My goal is to get my MSN. I plan to attend Tarleton State University and completing their LVN to BSN program, then afterward I will continue my education and get my MSN.”

Andrews High School offers several programs that give students a fast track to their future and allow them to leave high school with a set of skills that will help them earn a living once they enter the workforce. These programs, such as; LVN, Cosmetology, welding, education, criminal justice studies, and several more help students who need additional support and guidance in their education.  Ms. Vargas explained, Going through this program while in High School greatly reduces the financial cost.” 

As a middle school student, this program interests me because it would allow me to study nursing in an earlier stage of my life and get ahead of the game. I would plan to continue my education in the field of nursing after I graduate. The medical field interests me because I love solving mysteries and puzzles, as well as being challenged in different ways every day.  

I’m excited that Andrews High School offers this program for people like me and I can’t wait to get started in a few years!