Adolescence 101

Sydney Ray, Writer

Some middle schoolers are forced to grow up faster than others. At this age, students should rely on parents for necessities like food, water, and shelter. However, some already help make money and cook for their families. Sometimes that’s how it is due to extreme circumstances. AMS would benefit from a class that teaches us the life skills we need like cooking basic meals, CPR certification, and time and money management skills. 

Jacqueline Nichols teaches Consumer Science at the high school. This class covers an abundance of things including Human Growth and Development, Dollars and Sense, Intro to Culinary Arts, Culinary Arts, Principles of Education and Training, and Principles of Human Services. 

Most of these topics will prepare students for adulthood, and all of these skills would be beneficial to teens who have more responsibilities than the typical teen at home. For example, many students are responsible for their younger siblings when their parents work late hours. Knowing how to prepare a healthy meal and manage their sibling’s time wisely would be very beneficial. Even for kids who have strong parental support, knowing CPR can help us get a job as a babysitter so we have a little extra money to do things with our friends or buy things we want like Air Pods.

Ms. Nichols also stated that instead of a consumer science class that we should have a class called Adolescence 101. The class could include topics such as “hygiene, nutrition, relationships, drugs and alcohol, pregnancy and childbirth, budgeting, time management, dealing with stress, study skills, cell phone and internet safety, and etiquette” etc. These skills could help students be successful inside and outside the classroom.

In conclusion, many students on the AMS campus could benefit from a course that taught them how to assist their parents and manage a household. This campus is diverse and students face a wide spectrum of challenges and need basic life skills to be successful before they get to Mrs. Nichol’s class in high school.