The Vivacious Mrs. Vargas

Alexander Harvey

Mrs. Valicia Vargas is a wonderful and smart teacher, but what does she think about us as her students?

       Mrs. Vargas teaches Journalism and Yearbook and 6th grade Math. She teaches Journalism and Yearbook one period, and the rest are her math classes. This is Mrs. Vargas’s second year teaching Journalism and Yearbook.

      Mrs. Vargas pushes students to learn new things and ways to write. She expects us to complete all of our tasks. Mrs. Vargas has taught her students that there is always room for improvement. Mrs. Vargas likes to see our creative side and gives us opportunities to express ourselves in our own unique ways.

Yearbook and journalism can be challenging.  Mrs. Vargas explained that “The class has a lot to learn about time management and creating final projects. Students struggle with revising work and improving on their original project.” We also challenge her patience when we miss our deadlines for our articles and projects.

         Some might ask how did a math teacher end up teaching yearbook and journalism. She lucked out when getting this class because the original yearbook teacher left this campus. Mrs. Vargas took over the yearbook before it became an official class. Mrs. Vargas created the yearbook, added pictures, quotes, and designed it by herself the first year. After that, she was approached by Mr. Wilkins, and he asked her if she wanted to be the Journalism and Yearbook teacher. She became the new teacher and made the class an elective for the school. The Andrews Education Foundation gave AMS a grant for $2,500 to start this website and purchase cameras. 

          Mrs. Vargas is a lot of things. We can say she is smart, lead worthy, and determined to list a few.