Introducing Teacher of the Month!

Teagan Fletcher and Emily Hammond

At AMS, we believe in being the best we can. Every week the staff and teachers choose one student from each grade to be the “Student of the Week.” Students who are overachievers and follow rules are picked for this. Just as we honor our students, we need to honor our teachers. 

Each month there will be a poll on our online newspaper, and students can vote on one of their favorite teachers. Once the students have had time to vote we will tally up the votes and the newspaper staff will write an article about whoever has the most votes. 

This month Ms. Jennifer Leatherwood was voted as teacher of the month by the online poll. Teaching can be a challenging job, and most teachers have a reason for picking this career. Ms. Leatherwood shared that she, “Became a teacher because school didn’t come easy for me.  I really struggled until my sophomore year, so I taught myself goofy little sayings and songs to help me remember how to do my work. Those are actually the strategies I share with my classes to this day.”

While some teachers like teaching, Ms. Leatherwood loves to teach! Ms. Leatherwood stated, “ I love seeing the light bulb go off when a child finally gets/understands something.  That’s not only an awesome feeling for them, but I vividly remember what it felt like to have that light bulb flicker in my own head and that brings back the best memories!”

Ms. Leatherwood became a middle school math teacher by chance.  She said, “Honestly, that was the only teaching position available when I moved back to Andrews, but I truly believe it was just meant to be. Math was the subject that I struggled with the most until 10th grade. That’s when I had the ‘meanest’ teacher that made me go to tutorials.  That ‘mean’ teacher made me work problem after problem until one day it just completely made sense. That was the greatest feeling in the world, and I even made the highest grade, out of all of his classes on the Six Weeks Test. I made straight A’s in math from that day forward!” 

Some teachers think they would enjoy teaching other grade levels, but not Ms. Leatherwood. Ms. Leatherwood enjoys teaching at the middle school. If Ms. Leatherwood could teach any other subject, she would teach Texas History. Ms. Leatherwood said,  “I would LOVE to teach Texas History! Mainly because it’s so interesting to me. I don’t know enough about it so I would be learning with the kiddos too; that would be so much fun.”

“The influence of a good teacher can never be erased”-unknown. If you want to see your teacher become the teacher of the month, go and vote on the Mustangs Times.