AMS Cross Country Starts Strong 


Lindsay O'Connor and


Andrews Middle School held a dual cross country meet at the Andrew’s Sports Complex, on  August 29th. The Crane and Andrews cross country teams battled it out with the runners showing all of their grit and determination. The meet displayed all of Andrews’ Cross Country Team’s hard work and a glimpse of the bright future for the 2020 season.

The Results:

7th Grade Girls                                                        7th Grade Boys                          

1st, Whitney Seals-17:42                                         1st, Rylan Diaz-14:58    

2nd, Aleynna Mejia-17:53                                        2nd, Kaden Mendoza-15:43

4th, Zoe Harris-19:00                                               3rd, Kalen Clark-16:15

6th, Zamia Gomez-20:16                                         10th, Aaron Jiminez-21:47

7th, Mikylee Morrison-20:20                                     12th, Tommy Garzia-23:23

9th, Emilia Eugia-20:52

13th, Allison Reyes-26:26


8th Grade Girls                                                         8th Grade Boys

1st, Karley Colbath-16:20                                         2nd Jace McGrough-15:48

2nd, Lindsay O’Connor-16:23                                   3rd, Leo Hererra Ortega-15:49

4th, Mackenzie Miller-18:29                                      4th, Riley Ellison-15:58

5th, Lauren Vasquez-18:30                                       5th, Foster Sears-15:58

6th, Anahi Mejia-19:18                                              6th, Alexander Harvey-17:55

10th, Kylee Richters-21:37                                        7th, Kyden Scott-18:29

11th, Janelle Espinosa-24:28                                     9th, Lane Rasco-21:25

12th, Neela Driver-24:30

13th, Zoe Eugia-24:35


Each of the runners did their best and pushed themselves to improve their abilities. We are proud of all of our runners and thankful for all of the coaches, and people that are involved in Andrews Cross Country program.