The Great Toilet Paper Crisis

The Great Toilet Paper Crisis

Teagan Fletcher and Jytzelle Gonzalez

Have you ever gone to the bathroom and realize something is missing?

If you’ve noticed something is missing, then you probably lived during the toilet paper crisis.

The toilet paper crisis started when COVID 19 was first introduced to the public. People started stocking up on toilet paper. This crisis was very sudden at the time and it was complete chaos. COVID caused a statewide quarantine and many families went to the nearest grocery store and grabbed as many toilet paper rolls as they could hold. 

Grocery stores started limiting how many items you could buy and toilet paper was one of them. The lines at most grocery stores were very long due to the limited amount of people allowed in a building at one time. Most stores limited toilet paper to only one or two packs per family.

We interviewed people to see how their families dealt with the toilet paper shortage and here are the results.

Nichole Thomas said, “My family ran out of toilet paper so we had to buy the scented toilet paper from Shopko.” 

Sabrina Grady shared, “ Our family stocked up on toilet paper before we had the chance to run out.”

Layla Robertson asserted, “ My family thought we ran out but we found some in the cabinets. My mom said to use it wisely.”

Mrs. Vargas said, “We did not run out because we shop at Sam’s Club. However one of the times we went shopping they only had Scott. There is such a big difference between Scott and Charmin!”

You never know how much you love something until it’s gone. In this case, it was our beloved toilet paper. Stay safe and for the sake of the world, PLEASE don’t go out and buy all the TP.