Break Time!

Mackenzie Miller

Students go to school 8 hours a day sitting in chairs and listening to teachers; so during lunch break, they should get to enjoy it. Going outside for a break during lunch can be more mind-numbing than going to class sometimes. This time would be a great opportunity to be active which has many appealing outcomes. 

Throughout the day students look forward to a time where they no longer have to sit and listen. So let’s take full advantage when the opportunity arises.  The lunchroom shouldn’t stay packed because of how incredibly boring it is to go outside. We should want to go outside and let out our energy and not just stand around and talk the whole time. Putting a basketball and volleyball court outside would encourage more kids to be active and get some fresh air throughout the day!

Furthermore, adding additional chances to get sports practice could even improve our sports programs! The more practice athletes can get before it’s time to play, the more successful teams would be during games. For us to do something related to a sport we love to play during a break would make students happy and better players!

This being said, building an outside basketball court and a sand volleyball pit would encourage more kids to go outside in general, and encourage others to let out all the energy that’s been building up while sitting in a chair all day. According to a “TIME” magazine published in 2017 studies show that a recess (break) in which a kid gets to be moving results in better behavior and students more likely to learn more! So building these courts could actually improve kids’ academics as well!


Another option would be to open the gyms during lunch allowing us to do these activities indoors with all of the equipment. This would be less time consuming and save more money for the school. It would be a great compromise. Let’s add some excitement to our lunch break.