Homecoming Week 2020


Teagan Fletcher and Layla Robertson

I think I speak for all of us when I say Homecoming Week is our favorite. Going back to school after Covid was a rough start but Homecoming Week was a great way to bring back some school spirit.

On Monday we had Pajama Day, this was probably my favorite day. Not because we got to wear
pajamas but because we had no School! Having no school on Homecoming Week is a little bit different but it was still fun. Many AMS students wore their pajamas to represent homecoming week and I’m pretty sure I saw a Cat in the Hat in my backyard.

PJ day was followed by another great day, Twin Day. You could say we saw Thing One and Thing Two, but to us, they looked the same. Everywhere you looked you would find duplicates sometimes as many as four. Nothing is funnier than twining with your best friends.

Wednesday we woke up feeling wackier than ever. Everything was great but some shoes were on peoples’ hands and nothing was quite right. Something was missing from our outfits, maybe it was just misplaced? Wacky Wednesday was the weirdest day, you could say!

They say socks match your personality, I guess you could say mine was pretty crazy. On Crazy Sock Day it was a little out of the usual for regular socks to be seen. Crazy Lazy Socks were the thing this spirit day!

If you think this week has been out of this world with the wacky, the crazy, and thing one and thing
two, just wait until Friday. Black and Gold Spirit Day, the day to have school spirit and wear your mums! Almost everyone was wearing the Mustang colors of black and gold. A lot of students were wearing mums or garters, so it was extra festive. The best part was getting out of school at 2:30. Most people headed to the community pep rally and cheered on our football players and cheerleaders.

That evening the tailgating started and lasted until the first kick off of the Homecoming game.
There were so many people, it felt like the whole town was there. Highschool made quite a show beating Hereford 51 to 7.

You could say this year’s homecoming week was pretty spectacular. If you couldn’t tell by now this year was Dr.Seuss themed. “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose!” – Dr. Seuss.