Hannah Harper

Homecoming, an amazing night of the year for everyone I would say. Full of cheers, screams, fun, and friends! Tons of people showed up this year to support the Mighty Mustangs. It was really surprising how many people were there!

Around the beginning of the game when people first started showing up it wasn’t too crowded, but as the night went on more and more people started arriving. The student sections were packed! There were students left and right. We even met kids from Nevada! We couldn’t believe it when they said they were from Nevada!

The Mustangs had a huge fan base there to support them. The concession stands were lined all the way out to the ramp going into the bleachers! People from Andrews were going to the visitor side of the concession stand so they didn’t have to wait 30 minutes to get some snacks.

Our halftime show was amazing and the band did great! As the night came to a close Andrews won against Hereford 51-7.  Both teams played their hardest!

Overall everyone had an amazing time at Homecoming. It was a great night for every one that went. Even though it was very crowded it was by far one of the best Friday nights this year.