Hurrican Sally

Lindsay O'Connor

CNN wrote that Hurricane Sally was the fourth hurricane to make landfall in the US this year, which is the
most hurricanes to make landfall at this time since 2004. According to The Washington Post and CNN News, Sally was a category 2 hurricane with winds up to 105 miles per hour, evacuations were mandatory for people living near the coast, and areas from Mississippi to Florida.

Hurricane Sally flooded the streets with more than two feet of rain in some areas. The Seattle Times reported about 150,000 people in Alabama and 200,000 in Florida lost power overnight. Trees were blown down, houses had been ripped apart, and power lines were down in some cities. Most of the damage was caused by the howling winds and an immense amount of flooding.

It’s been estimated by Reuters that the damage caused by Hurricane Sally costs around $2 billion. The cleanup for Hurricane Sally began on September 17. Officials began to inspect bridges to ensure the security of the bridge. Homeowners and others worked to clear the streets of sand, tree branches, and debris blown in by the storm.

CBS News states that authorities claimed that 400 rescues were carried out in Escambia County, Florida, by crews with boats, and high-water vehicles, and water scooters. Everyone was doing their part to recover from Hurricane Sally.