AMS: Red Ribbon Week


Jytzelle Gonzalez and Tavi Marroquin

Have you ever been curious about what Red Ribbon week was all about? Red Ribbon week occurs once every school year to encourage students to be drug-free. AMS celebrates the week by having a different spirit day with an important message.

Throughout the week there are spirit days that represent different meanings.

  • On Monday, October 26 the theme was to wear Red. Wearing red on this day represented being drug-free!
  • On Tuesday, October 27 the theme was to dress as your future career. Dressing as your future career represents living now for the future! The choices students make now will shape their futures.
  • On Wednesday, October 28 the theme was dress like your favorite decade. This spirit day represented living like 1999! Originally Red Ribbon week started in 1988. Sometimes looking at our past helps us to plan for a brighter future.
  • On Thursday, October 29 the theme was to wear your favorite sports or team jersey. This was meant to emphasize the importance of teaming up against drugs! Everyone needs support at times.
  • On Friday, October 30 the theme was wearing Hawaiian. This stood for “lei” off drugs!

During Mustang Academy your teacher would give you a ribbon with a number on the back. During the announcements, a different set of numbers were called throughout the week. If you heard your number called during announcements then you could go to the library to collect a prize! Now that you know the purpose of Red Ribbon week I encourage you to remain
drug-free and safe.