Christmas Celebrations Around the World


Lindsay O'Connor

 We all know the original American celebration of Christmas of drinking hot chocolate by the fire while watching the Polar Express, but have you ever asked yourself how other countries celebrate Christmas? Every country celebrates Christmas differently and each has different traditions. 

     For instance, according to, on December 5th (the Eve of Christmas) children place their shoes at the entrance of their house. The children then also leave a carrot and sugar lump for Santa’s donkey. The next morning children will find treats in their shoes from Saint Nicolas.

   A traditional Christmas dessert made in France is a Pandoro. stated that the word Pandoro translates as Golden Bread. Pondoro is a delicious cake that is usually baked in a star shape and can be served with whipped cream or mascarpone. Pondoro dates back to the 18th century and is still made today.

   Germans typically have an advent wreath that is decorated with four candles for the four Advent Sundays that starts with the last Sunday of November and ends with the last Sunday before Christmas. According to, on every Advent Sunday, one more candle is lit until all candles are alight to announce the imminent birth of Christ. 

  We all celebrate Christmas differently in countries, towns, and families. Each tradition has its own meaning and special purpose for whose tradition it is. As Christmas comes closer each day, remember all the traditions you enact with your family and friends. Think of the joyful memories that were made and the memories to come of the tradition. Christmas brings hope and joy to those who celebrate.