Congratulations AMS Yearbook Staff


Ana Alvear

This year’s journalism class is happy to announce that the AMS 2020-2021 yearbook has been chosen for the Walsworth Gallery of Excellence. Our yearbook was chosen out of thousands that were submitted across this nation for this prestigious award. The Journalism staff worked hard on the theme and design of the annual to catch all of the memorable moments of this epic year.

Several staff members were shocked when they received this award. Jazmin Sauceda said, “I was both happy and surprised to hear what happened. I mean we were only making our yearbook. We didn’t do anything but be creative so I was shocked when I heard what we accomplished. I never thought it would happen.” Her classmate, Issabella Tax exclaimed, “I wasn’t expecting that in my first year of journalism we would accomplish something like this.  This award is truly a big honor. I hope next year we can put in the same effort we put in this year so we can get this opportunity again.”  The award is only part of the excitement.

The 2020-2021 AMS yearbook is also being shown at national conventions and our designs will be displayed all over the nation for other yearbook staff to use as inspiration. We are happy and thankful that our hard work and dedication have been recognized and we have achieved this huge accomplishment.